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Rotating Right is a Distributor of CCW Energy Systems Variable Frequency Drives and the FL1741 EnerSaver Oilfield Generative Drives. 

The CCW FL1741 EnerSaver Oilfield Generative Drives are the world's only UL1741 compliant low harmonic, line interactive AC drive package. This drive system is specifically targeted for Pumpjacks, Beam-Pumps and related artificial lift applications in industries such as ESP, PCP and compressors. The FL1741 EnerSaver is rated from 3HP to 1500 HP in voltages from 200 to 690V and is ideal for the rugged conditions typically found in the oil Industry.

With the integration of a true Active Front End (AFE), line side harmonics are virtually eliminated while also providing four-quadrant operation and reactive power compensation.

The FL1741 EnerSaver provides a low harmonic signature which complies with the latest IEEE-519-1992 Harmonic Standard on the input of the drive regardless of load or speed eliminating the need for harmonics analysis or the installation of expensive filters, which reduces the systems complexity and cost as well.

UL 1741 Compliant

The Generative FL1741 EnerSaver has been tested and certified compliant with the requirements of the stringent UL 1741 standard by QPS Evaluation Services Inc., an accredited certification, testing and inspection body. This testing has certified the FL1741 meets the standards for alternative energy, distributed and grid parallel generation systems. The FL1741 EnerSaver is the first, and currently the only drive system which complies with this important standard.

Features and Benefits

  • Ability to use 100% capacity of backup generators without additional filters
  • Suitable for use in areas which exhibit wide line voltage fluctuations
  • Extended Power Loss Ride-Thru
  • Instantaneous drive performance between motoring and regenerative operation
  • Approved as a micro-generator by the Alberta Utilities Commission
  • Carbon Credit eligible
  • Reduce Power Usage by Upwards of 25%
  • Increase Drive Efficiency by approximately 30%.
  • Near Unity Power Factor
  • No more Braking Resistors
  • Near Zero Harmonics - Eliminates Damaging Harmonics being sent to the Power Lines
  • Reduction in Peak Demand - Reduce Your Load and Voltage drawn from the Utility – Saving You Money
  • Torque and Amperage Limiting Control to Eliminate Possible Damage of Motor and Sucker Rods
  • Total Overall Power Cost Savings
  • 3 year standard warranty

Available Options

  • Fully Integrated Monitoring System
  • Side Mounted Junction Box
  • Bristol Amp Chart Recorder
  • Data Logger with 16 Channels
  • Cabinets with NEMA Ratings of 3R, 4, & 4X
  • Additional heating and/or cooling depending on ambient conditions

Engineered solutions

For applications requiring more specialized solutions, engineered systems can be developed. Solutions that are available include fully generative solutions incorporating an Active Front End to allow generated energy to be fed back to the supply. Special application software is also available to fulfill the requirements of specific applications such as multi-pump control, servo-diameters, axis control and positioning applications. These applications can be loaded into a standard SINUS PENTA drive. For further details on these specialized areas please contact CCW Energy Systems. 

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