Horizontal Pumping Systems (HPS)



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HPS Package

Rotating Right maufactures and distributes a wide variety of Horizontal Pump Systems (HPS).  Horizontal surface pumps were developed using downhole electric submersible pumps and modifying them with a suction housing. The suction housing is also used to eliminate the thrust loads developed by the pump and to house the packing or mechanical seal. HPSs have gained favourin the oilfield because of the low maintenance required relative to alternate technologies.

Our HPS product line consists of a range of horizontally-mounted multi-stage centrifugal pumps which are designed for high pressure and medium flow rates and are suitable for a range of heavy- duty industrial applications. We have designed and manufactured solutions for water injection, water disposal, polymer injection, chemical injection, lease automatic custody transfer (LACT) units, LPG/LNG pumps, pressure testing, jet pumping, plant wash-down and others.

HPS Package Design

Each HPS unit is securely mounted on a heavy- duty oilfield skid and consists of a prime mover (typically a two-pole electric motor or diesel engine), thrust chamber, intake assembly, horizontally mounted multi-stage pump and discharge head. Since the development of the horizontal surface pumping system in the mid 1980s, the design has proven to be a cost-effective alternative to split case, turbine, and positive displacement pumps. When compared to these alternate pump types, an HPS offers high reliability, reduced capital cost, design flexibility, timely delivery, and minimal maintenance.

Rotating Right has developed significant expertise in packaging HSPs into complete turnkey packages. Our experience in packaging and understanding of centrifugal pump fundamentals allows us to design solutions that provide our customers long-term satisfaction.

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